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We offer guidance, rehabilitation, and housing for men and women reintegrating back into our Community after a conviction. For the last 38 years, we have been a leader in nonprofit community corrections. Our programs have a high completion rate and are geared to help reintegrate our clients into society. We operate with the core belief that people can change, and we’ll provide the opportunity to do so.

Our Programs

The IRT program uses a structured curriculum to assist clients in making positive change in the areas of substance abuse and criminal conduct: Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change, The Change Companies Interactive Journals (Substance Use Disorders and Responsible Thinking), Hazelden’s Cognitive Skills for Correctional Clients, Moral Reconation Therapy, Seeking Safety, and Beyond Trauma (women). The program provides 20 hours of gender-specific treatment services and 20 hours of supportive services each week for a period of 90 days.   All activities are designed to support behavior change and risk reduction in the areas of anti-social thinking, anti-social peer associations, individual impulse control, and substance abuse.

The RDDT program is a Transitional Residential Treatment program addressing the issues of substance abuse, mental health, and criminal conduct. The major components of RDDT are completion of the Change Companies evidenced-based curriculum series of interactive journals titled “Managing Co-occurring Disorders: an integrated approach.”  The program also includes anger management, cognitive restructuring, and yoga. The curriculum focuses on change in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, and criminal conduct/thinking.  They are completed in a group setting five days per week.  All clients in the RDDT Program receive individual psychotherapy and psychiatric care.  They are employed part-time.

The CRP program provides treatment for adult male sexual offenders.  The CRP is a modified therapeutic community that provides residential and non-residential treatment in accordance with the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) standards and guidelines.  All treatment staff are required to maintain listing as approved providers through the SOMB.  The CRP utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach while also incorporating elements from other treatment modalities to provide a comprehensive approach to meet individual client needs.  The residential program is comprised of five hours of group treatment per week, including weekly sessions of cognitive skills education.  The CRP utilizes polygraph testing as a treatment tool in compliance with SOMB guidelines and also incorporates the use of GPS monitoring.  All treatment activities are designed to support the program’s mission of enhancing community safety and the safety of victims impacted by these crimes.

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We are creating a more altruistic, cooperative, and respectful world by igniting the torch of human compassion.