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About Us

We transform fear into hope. We care about the people in our Community and courageously tackle even the most pervasive challenges our communities increasingly face. We offer support, guidance, and education for those who are justice-involved, struggling with addiction, facing homelessness, in need of Respite Care, and so much more.

There are gaps in the current government and nonprofit programs, and many people fall through these gaps of what is currently available. Our central focus is to fill those gaps, increasing the services and resources that are very much needed in our Community. By collaborating with donors, government, community members, service providers, and our committed employees, we empower individuals and families to reach their full potential. We are a nonprofit organization bringing 38 years of experience to our Community to create healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities.

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Integrity and Transparency

Embrave brings clarity to transformational improvement in the community corrections industry.