39 years

Of Serving Our Community

700 clients

Served Annually by Embrave


Successful Program Completions Per Year

180 clients

Completed Intensive Addiction Treatment Since 2018

1878 homeless

COVID-Positive Clients Housed

Our Mission

We believe people can and do change. Embrave creates opportunities for people to succeed and thrive in our community.

Our Vision

Investing in people and innovating services that build healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities.

How We Help

With the support of our community we combine compassion & dignity with resources & innovation to heal and enhance the lives of people in need.

Here’s how:

We offer guidance, rehabilitation, and housing for men and women who are reintegrating back into our Community after a conviction.

We work to disrupt the generational cycles of mental health and behavioral struggles through effective community and individual programming and support.

Through expertise and support, we encourage clients to actively participate in their own future, overcoming addiction challenges with intensive therapy and rehabilitation programs.

Current programming for justice-involved individuals leaves gaps in care and intervention. We work to fill those gaps, ensuring that those experiencing challenging times can find resources and services.

We All Have a Responsibility to Our Community

Join us to spark the truth of new possibilities. Through creative and innovative efforts to alleviate problems of homelessness, mental health difficulties, and justice-related issues, Embrave serves the Community in building a brighter future. Be a part of that service by supporting our efforts through donations, and help us hold the torch for those in our Community who are experiencing the darkest hours of their lives.

Success Stories

When we hold the torch for those who are experiencing their darkest hours, we light the way to hope, health, and stability.

Community Partners

We Have 38 Years of experience serving the Community. Our Partners Include: