Community Innovation

By collaborating with donors, government, community members, service providers, and our committed employees, we empower individuals and families to reach their full potential. We leverage the support and resources of all stakeholders with transparency and accountability, ensuring our collective efforts work to transform communities and alleviate problems of homelessness and justice-related issues. Our systematic interventions meet individuals where they are, reducing the likelihood of justice involvement or recidivism.

At Embrave, We Are Always Innovating

Innovation is ingrained in Embrave’s culture as we seek to address and solve some of our community’s most challenging human circumstances. Embrave is a 501c3 organization initially launched to help people transition back into the community following incarceration.  We then expanded services to address the underlying needs of our clients that directly affect recidivism and community safety.

Embrave’s vision consists of investing in people and innovating services to build healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities. Our staff members are dedicated to this vision and core values which allows Embrave to engage quickly and effectively in the emerging and daunting issues within the community. One example of Embrave’s innovation was demonstrated by the creation of City Hope.

Upon the request and in collaboration with the City of Colorado Springs, Embrave applied its unique suite of services to provide COVID-19 isolation/infectious disease isolation for people experiencing homelessness. This program became known as City Hope.  City Hope at Embrave provided integrated supports designed to stabilize those clients and allow the opportunity to begin the process of finding more permanent housing for them. Embrave’s services leveraged its internal capabilities and coordinated with a vast network of community partners. Embrave’s ecological approach was implemented for families experiencing homelessness and clients needing recuperative care. Together, the lives of people at City Hope were transformed, and they were able to move into more permanent housing. At Embrave, we are currently exploring more ways to leverage our portfolio of properties, unique mix of integrated services, and sustainable funding to build programs that will improve community safety and the quality of life of our clients and community.

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Harm Reduction

At Embrave, we believe in supporting and empowering our community through innovative, evidence-based practices. Harm reduction falls squarely within this philosophy. By providing a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals struggling with addiction or other high-risk behaviors, we work to reduce the negative consequences of drug use and other risky behaviors. This commitment to harm reduction is just one aspect of our broader community innovation promise, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this important movement.

Embrave provides generational healing, creating healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities.