Comcor, Inc Announces Official Rebrand to Embrave, Inc.

One thing is abundantly clear when you visit with the staff at ComCor; this place is different! Staff members are so dedicated they consistently focus on helping their clients. Stories abound of their extra efforts for clients from finding resources, securing housing, or fixing a car.

For 38 years, the non-profit has been a resource in helping the community corrections system provide critical services for the justice-involved with housing, community safety, rehabilitation, and other treatment services. During that time, the organization has developed a deep understanding of the community and the needs of its clients. Through its work with the justice-involved, the homeless, and those suffering from addiction, ComCor has seen first-hand the challenges that many people face.

ComCor is committed to expanding its services to help even more people in need. “One of our strategic goals is to do more for our citizens that seem to fall through the cracks of existing services, and we are ready for the challenge.” Mark Wester, Executive Director, commented on the future development of services. With the expansion, ComCor will be able to provide innovation and resources and help to those who need it most. With a history of dedicated service and commitment to their clients, the excitement for this new era is palpable among the staff and clients.

This new era includes a rebranding into a new name: Embrave. This new name will support the exploration and expansion of new services and better reflect their commitment to the community. Embrave emboldens our clients and the community by providing effective programs and support, so our clients go out into the world bravely.   Embrave will continue to provide high-quality services to justice-involved people in the community and the judicial, law enforcement, and civic organizations with which they partner.  Their service development will allow them to reach even more people and wider community needs. They are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those they serve, and their new name will help them to achieve these goals.

Embrave embodies the commitment to the community, its people, and community partners. They are pursuing excellence in the future of community corrections and beyond. They are taking a hard look at the various factors at play in the lives of the people in need and asking the question,” How can we transform this problem and need?”. The future of Embrave glows bright, and it’s the dedication and commitment of our staff members in the organization that are making the impact and will transform people’s lives into the future. Embrave is constantly innovating and expanding our programs to reach more people in need, and the team is passionate about making a difference. With their help, Embrave will continue to grow and make a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.

Embrave’s rebrand was completed by Wax Creek, Inc. | A Brand Agency, located in Greenwood Village, CO.